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Arguing with the Welder may be Ineffective tshirt design.

I've added sections for two more occupations, welders and optometrists. More sections will be added in the future.

Originally, all my Zazzle occupation designs were found on a store named "Hard Work". I'm in the process of moving many of those designs to occupation specific stores. As I create these new storefronts, and transfer my designs to them, I will add links to this page.

Posted 24 January 2018

Some of my Designs are now Available at

A growing number my designs can be purchased on products on They are under the brand name "Worker Gifts". Click on the image below to see some of these designs.

T-shirt designs I have for sale at

More occupation related t-shirt designs will be added in the coming months.


I have created to showcase some of the t-shirt and mug designs I offer through various print-on-demand services.

Click on any of the occupations, listed above, to view a few of the designs I have available.

Much more will be added soon!

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