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Gifts for Accountants

This page shows several of the accounting t-shirt and mug designs I have created. Click on any of the images below to see a variety of products featuring these designs.

The designs are available on many great products, including mugs, mousepads and over 100 apparel items. Gifts with attitude that accounting professionals can actually use around the workplace!

Accounting designs for sale at Zazzle.

Click on the image above to visit my accounting store on Zazzle, or click any of the images below to see these designs on many great products, including clothing items mugs, and mousepads.


Out-Of-This-World Accounting Gifts

Galactic Conquest Command, accounting division mug.

Galactic Conquest Command, Accounting Division

Want to work for a more interesting employer?

Over-the-top design for accountants that might be bored with their current employer. Includes the words "Galactic Conquest Command" and "Accounting Division".

Sure, the shock troops, disintegration machine operators, and atomic bomber pilots get all the attention, but what about the support staff? Conquering the galaxy isn't all fun and games. Operations this size require a large bureaucracy. Payroll needs to be processed, purchase orders approved, ledgers balanced....

Accounting division mugs.
Mars Command, Accounting Division logo.

Mars Command, Accounting Division

A logo for a fictional space colonization organization. The design includes the words "Mars Command" and "Accounting Division".


Accountant "Warning Sign" Mugs and T-Shirts

Arguing with the accountant may be ineffective mug.

Arguing with the Accountant may be Ineffective!

Tired of arguing with co-workers or supervisors? Are clients vocally unhappy with the numbers you're giving them? Feel like you're going in circles with some people?

You can only do so much with the data supplied by the client. So hold up your coffee mug with this design facing them. Let them know how futile it is to argue with the accountant!

Please dont wake the accountant mug.

Please, don't wake the Accountant!

Are others interfering with your nap time? Accounting can be a stressful job. Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions while napping at your desk. This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Accountant".

Not only is it rude to wake a sleeping accountant, but it can be dangerous for all involved!

Please, do not feed the accountant.

Please, Do Not Feed The Accountants!

Accounting design includes the words "NOTICE - For your own safety! - Please, Do Not Feed The Accountants!" A great gift idea for an accountant with a sense of humour.

Please, I'm begging you, never get between an overworked accountant and a box of donuts.

Humorous beware of the accountant sign.

Beware of The Accountant

Humorous mug design includes the words "Beware of The Accountant" and "Owner assumes no responsibility".

At tax time, an overworked accountant can by just as dangerous as an angry dog! Protect yourself from possible lawsuits by displaying this design. Remember, you can be held liable of your accountant bites a client!

Jaded accountant zone logo.

Jaded Accountant Zone


Many of these Accounting Designs are Available at Zazzle

Below are some other accounting designs I have created. Most of them can be found at Zazzle.

Be the spreadsheet mug.

Be the Spreadsheet!

It's not enough to master the spreadsheet. Accounting perfection requires that you become the spreadsheet. Naturally, Earth shattering revelations such as this belong on t-shirts and mugs.

Funny logo for the legion of evil accountants.

World Legion of Evil Accountants

Some of your clients may already suspect this, so why not use a mug or t-shirt proudly declaring your membership in the World Legion of Evil Accountants?

World Legion mug styles.
Accounting mug.


Accountancy design featuring the words "Just sit down, shut up, and show me the numbers!"

This would also make a great gift for auditors, bookkeepers, loan officers, and financial advisors.

Accounting mug.

The Creation of Accountants

How did the field of accounting begin? This design takes a humorous look at the creation of accountants and features an illustration of God passing a hand-full of beans to the world's first accountant.

The words "Thou Shall Count These Beans" is below the illustration.


Want to Create Promotional or Motivational products with Your Custom Marketing Message and These Humorous Accounting Designs?

Zazzle is a print on demand service that offers several benefits for small business owners. For starters, customers can easily add additional content to their products. For instance, companies can add their company logo, contact info, or other marketing message, to the back of a mug that has one of my accounting designs on the front. Perhaps a mug with the humorous "Beware of the Accountant" design on one side, and their company logo on the back.

Zazzle also offers discounts for bulk purchases. The more you buy, the less you pay. The combination of user customization, with the availability of bulk pricing, is a perfect combo for promotional or motivational products.

Please Note: The images above only show one style of mug. At the Zazzle store, you can select any of several mug styles, including steins and travel mugs.


Accounting Themed Wall Clocks


These accounting clocks are available in three styles at CafePress. These classy designs fit in well with professional accounting office decor.

Accounting clocks for sale.
With these clock designs it is possible to look professional and have some fun at the same time!