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Gifts for Auditors

This page highlights some of the auditor themed mug and t-shirt designs I have designed.

Auditing designs I have for sale at Zazzle.

Many of these designs are available at Zazzle.

Want to Work for a More Interesting Employer

Lunar Base 7, Auditing Division design.

Lunar Base 7, Auditing Division

A gift for anyone who would rather be doing their job at a more interesting time and place.

Mars Command, Auditing Division logo for t-shirts and mugs.

Mars Command, Auditing Division

For auditors who are also fans of space exploration.


Auditor Gifts with a "Warning Sign" Theme

Ornery? Jaded? Hard to get along with? The following designs can warn others about your personality. The designs are available on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, and several styles of coffee mugs.

A product with one of these designs can be displayed in your office to give coworkers and clients fair warning of your disposition. They can't say they haven't been warned!

Arguing with the auditor may be ineffective sign design.

Arguing with the Auditor may be Ineffective

Displaying this design is a great way to let everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Argue with the auditor mugs for sale.
Beware of the auditor design.

Beware of The Auditor

Humorous design includes the words "Beware of The Auditor" and "Owner assumes no responsibility".

At tax time, an overworked Auditor can by just as dangerous as an angry dog! Protect yourself from possible lawsuits by displaying this design. Remember, you can be held liable of your auditor bites a client!

Please do not feed the auditors design..

Please, Do Not Feed The Auditors!

Auditing design includes the words "NOTICE - For your own safety! - Please, Do Not Feed The Auditors!"

Ornery auditor zone warning sign.

Ornery Auditor Zone

Designed to look like a highway construction zone warning sign.

Jaded auditor zone logo for t-shirts and mugs.

Jaded Auditor Zone

Design looks great on mugs and t-shirts. A great gift idea for any Jaded Auditor.


I have Many Auditor Designs on Zazzle

Click on the mugs below to see my auditor designs at Zazzle. These designs are also available on over 100 apparel items.

Galactic conquest command, auditing division logo.

Galactic Conquest Command, Auditing Division

Conquering the known universe doesn't just require shock troops, disintegrator ray operators, and turbo atomic fighter pilots. Truth is, now more than ever, henchmen with a wide array of skills are needed.

Remember, somewhere within the evil overlords secret world domination complex is a room full of auditors looking over spreadsheets of data looking for errors. Somebody has to do it.

This could be a great gift idea for an auditor who is also a fan of science fiction.

Auditing, show me the numbers.

Auditing - Show me the Numbers

Let others know you mean business!

Design features the words "Auditing" and "Show me the numbers!"

Keeping an eye on the rest of you guys.

Keeping an eye on the rest of you guys.

A great gift idea for any auditor with a sense of humor.

Verify or Perish logo for auditors.

Verify or Perish

Auditing, we never sleep, design for t-shirts and mugs.

Auditing - We Never Sleep

Remember, the job of keeping everyone honest never ends. Sure, auditors would like to sleep, but can they really afford that luxury?

A great gift idea for an auditor with a sence of humour.

Auditing, show me the numbers design.

Auditing - Just sit down, shut up, and show me the numbers!

Simple and to the point.

If you're an auditor who wants to get to the work at hand, without wasting time on trivialities or small talk, then this design is for you.

Auditor - back off, give me some room to work.

Auditor - BACK OFF! Give me some room to work.

Are managers, clients, and coworkers constantly interrupting your work with trivialities? Is your workday crowded with needless meetings and distractions?

Auditing, I'm actually not very good at math.

I'm actually not very good at math!

An admission that only an auditor with a strong sense of humor should reveal.

Keeping an eye on the rest of you guys design.

Keeping an eye on the rest of you guys.

Mug design for auditors featuring the words "Keeping an eye on the rest of you guys."

World legion of evil auditors design.

World Legion of Evil Auditors

Is auditing not nearly as exciting as you wish? Perhaps joining the World Legion of Evil Auditors will help brighten your day?

The creation of auditors design for mugs.


Auditing, live the dream, design for t-shirts and mugs.


This was one of my first auditing designs and has proved popular over the years.

Auditing, occupation of kings design.

Auditing - Occupation of Kings!

A great gift idea for an auditor who thinks their job is the greatest.

Remember - It is good to be King!

Auditing old timer logo with dinosaur.

Auditing Old Timer

Do you know an auditor who's been in the business so long that they're starting to fossilize?

This auditor design includes an image of a Tyrannosaurus-rex dinosaur skull and the words "Auditing Old Timer". A mug or t-shirt with this design might make a great gift for an auditor's retirement party.

Auditing pirate design for t-shirts.

Auditing Pirate

Like to get into mischief around the office? Not the straight arrow your clients and coworkers think you are? Do you have a secret, non-rule compliant, alter ego?

This auditing mug features images of several human skulls and the words "Auditing Pirate".

Queen of the auditors logo.

Queen of the Auditors

Someone has to be Queen of the Auditors. Why not you?

American society of renegade auditors logo.

American Society of Renegade Auditors

A shadowy legion of angry auditors plotting world domination? It's more likely than we know.


Need Promotional Items for an auditing Business?

Zazzle allows customers to customize their products. In other words, a customer could select a mug or t-shirt with one of these designs on one side, and could supply a graphic or text of their choosing, to put on the reverse side of the product. This sometimes works good for gift giving, allowing you to personalize the gift.

Customization can also prove beneficial to small companies looking to acquire promotional or motivational items. The company logo or marketing message can be printed on the product along with the existing design.

Zazzle also offers discounts for bulk purchases. A great benefit if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in the office, or promotional gifts for a large number of customers.

Note: The images above only show one style of mug. On the Zazzle site, you can select any of several mug styles, including steins, travel mugs, and a frosted glass mug. Customizable mousepads, t-shirts and other products are also available.

World Legion of Evil Auditors mug gifts.

Financial Themed Wall Clocks


These accounting themed clocks are available in three styles. A basic clock, with a black plastic frame, has a diameter of 10 inches. A larger wall clock measures 17 inches in diameter. Finally, a 14 inch diameter clock, with an aluminum body and glass face, is also available. These classy designs fit in well with professional bookkeeper office decor. Select an image below to see all products with that design.

Auditing Themed clocks for sale.
With these clock designs it is possible to look professional and have some fun at the same time!