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This page highlights some of the engineering themed t-shirt and mug designs I have created.

Engineering designs I have for sale at Zazzle.

Many of these designs are available at Zazzle.

Click on the images below to see product options. Apparel and household items, such as mugs and mousepads, are available with most designs.

Funny "Warning Sign" Gifts for Engineers

Hard to get along with sometimes? The products with the following designs can warn others about your personality. It's always a good idea to give coworkers and clients fair warning of your disposition. They can't say they haven't been warned!

Beware of The Engineer logo.

Beware of the Engineer

Humorous design includes the words - "Beware of the Engineer - Owner assumes no responsibility".

A stressed out engineer can be more dangerous than an angry dog! Protect yourself from expensive lawsuits by displaying this design. Remember, you can be held liable if your engineer bites a customer or an assistant!

Arguing with the engineer logo.

Arguing with the Engineer may be Ineffective!

Tired of arguing with co-workers or clients? Feel like you're going in circles with some people? This humorous design includes the words "NOTICE. Arguing with the Engineer may be ineffective!"

Using a coffee mug, or wearing a t-shirt with this design, lets everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Jaded Engineer Zone logo.

Jaded Engineer Zone

Planning on asking your boss for a raise? This is a great shirt to wear when you pop the question!

Please, Do Not Feed The Engineers logo.

Please, Do Not Feed The Engineers!

Are you an engineer who is sometimes hard to get along with? Do you know someone who fits this description?

This humorous t-shirt design includes the words - "NOTICE, For your own safety! - Please, Do Not Feed The Engineers!"

An overworked engineer, in captivity, can be just as unpredictable and dangerous as a wild animal. Never try to give them food without first asking their keeper for permission.

Ornery Engineer Zone logo.

Ornery Engineer Zone

Dealing with bosses, clients, and co-workers can try even the most patient and understanding among us. Any of us can become frustrated and ornery. If you're going to be ornery, it's only fair to warn others. This design, on t-shirts or mugs, accomplishes precisely that!

Please, don't wake the engineer logo.

Please, don't wake the Engineer!

Are clients and co-workers disturbing your nap time with pointless interruptions?

Engineering can be a stressful job. Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions when napping at your desk. This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Engineer".

Not only is it rude to wake a sleeping engineer, but it can be dangerous for all involved!


More of my Engineering Designs on Zazzle

Engineering, Design or Perish logo.

Engineering - Design or Perish

This engineering mug design includes the following words - Engineering - Design or Perish.

Are you deadly series about the field of engineering? Is designing solutions to practical problems your reason for existing? Let everyone know how serious you take your engineering occupation! A great gift idea for any serious engineer!

American society of renegade engineers logo.

American Society of Renegade Engineers

A perfect design for discontent rebels who reject conventional behavior whenever possible.

Mars Command, Engineering Division logo.

Mars Command, Engineering Division

Lunar base 7, engineering division design.

Lunar Base 7, Engineering Division

Bored with your current job? Would a change in local make it more interesting? This design represents a mission logo for a future space colony. Included are the words "Lunar Base 7" and "Engineering Division".

World legion of evil engineers logo.

World Legion of Evil Engineers

Perhaps joining the World Legion of Evil Engineers will help brighten your day?

On the Zazzle site, you can select any of several mug styles, including two-tone mugs, steins, travel mugs, and a frosted glass mug. Customizable t-shirts and other products are also available.

World Legion of Evil Engineers mug gifts.
Engineering division, galactic conquest command logo.

Engineering Division - Galactic Conquest Command

Enslaving all sentient beings in an entire galaxy isn't easy. It's not all about laser crews and shock troops. A lot of bureaucracy is needed to keep the conquest from stalling.

After all, disintegration ray generators don't design and build themselves.

Somebody has to work for the Evil Overlord, why not you?

Engineering, occupation of kings logo.

Engineering, Occupation of Kings!

Engineering logo with calipers.

Engineering (with Calipers)

Engineering, show me the numbers logo.

Engineering, Show me the numbers!

Engineering design featuring the words "Engineering" and "Show me the numbers!" This great looking design makes a great gift for engineering professionals.

Don't waste my time with small talk or other nonsense, just show me the numbers!

Engineering, show me the drawings logo.

Engineering, Show me the drawings!

Engineering design featuring the words "Engineering" and "Show me the drawings!"

This design also looks good on both light and dark t-shirts.

Let there be Engineers logo.

Let there be Engineers...

So how long has the engineering field existed? Has the profession been around much longer than previously believed? Recently discovered ancient texts might provide clues to the origin of engineering.

This tongue in cheek mug design features the words - "Let there be engineers, to designith things that people find useful. - Genesis 1:36"

Engineering. Give me some room to work logo.

Engineer, BACK OFF! Give me some room to work.

Is your engineering style cramped by excessive meetings? Is micromanagement by others preventing completion of the project? This engineering mug design features the words "Engineer" and "BACK OFF! Give me some room to work." A great gift for a hard working engineer.

Engineering logo.


Engineering Old Timer logo.

Engineering Old Timer

Engineer design includes an image of a dinosaur skull and the following words "Engineering Old Timer"

This sharp looking design, rendered with crisp lettering and a high resolution dinosaur skull image, looks great on just about any product, including t-shirts, mugs, hats, mouse pads, and more!

Know someone who's been in the business for decades? Someone who spent the first part of their career using a t-square and ruler? Is there someone on your staff that actually knows how to "ink" a drawing?

A great retirement gift for any, "over the hill", Engineering Old Timer!