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This page highlights some of the machinist themed mug and t-shirt designs I have created.


Visit my Machinists Gifts store on Zazzle to see these designs on products available for purchase.

The creation of machinists design.

The Creation of Machinists

"Thou Shall Remove Metal, From Larger Pieces of Metal, to Maketh Useful Things."

Lunar Base 7 Machining Division mug.

Lunar Base 7, Machining Division

Bored with your current job? Would a change in location make it more interesting? This design represents a mission logo for a future space colony. Included are the words "Lunar Base 7" and "Machining Division".

World Legion of Evil Machinists mug.

World Legion of Evil Machinists

Do you wish your daily work life could be more interesting? Perhaps joining the World Legion of Evil Machinists will help brighten your day?

Please dont wake the machinist coffee mug.

Please, don't wake the Machinist!

Are interruptions interfering with your nap time? Machining can be a stressful job. Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions when napping in the shop. This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Machinist".

Remember, waking a sleeping machinist can be dangerous for all involved!

Dont argue with the machinist coffee mug.

Arguing with the Machinist may be Ineffective

Tired of arguing with others? Feel like you're going in circles with some people? This humorous design includes the words "NOTICE. Arguing with the machinist may be ineffective!"

Wearing a t-shirt, or using a coffee mug with this design, lets everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Someone complaining about a set-up taking to long? Show them the shirt. Someone complaining about tooling orders for a new job? Point to the shirt. A million uses!

Do not feed the machinist coffee mug.

Please, Do Not Feed The Machinists

Are you a machinist who is sometimes hard to get along with? Do you know someone who fits this description? This humorous t-shirt design includes the words - "NOTICE, For your own safety! - Please, Do Not Feed The Machinists!"

An overworked machinist, in captivity, can be just as unpredictable and dangerous as a wild animal. Never try to give them food without first asking their keeper for permission.

Galactic conquest command, Machining division design.

Galactic Conquest Command: Machining Division

Want to work for a more interesting employer?

Over-the-top design for machinists that might be bored with their current employer. Includes the words "Galactic Conquest Command" and "Machining Division".

Would your career be more exciting if you worked for another company? Consider becoming a henchman for the Evil Overlord.

Machining division coffee mug styles.
Machinist Epic Vocation design.

Machinist, Epic Vocation

Be the Cutter, tshirt and mug design.

Be the Cutter!

Mars command, machining division logo.

Mars Command, Machining Division

Society of Renegade Machine Operators design.

Society of Renegade Machine Operators