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Mugs, T-shirts and Gifts for Phlebotomy Professionals

This page highlights some of the phlebotomy themed mug and t-shirt designs I have created. Click on any of the images below to see a variety of products featuring these designs.

The designs are available on many great products, including mugs, mousepads and over 100 apparel items. Gifts with attitude that phlebotomy professionals can actually use around the workplace!

I also have designs for other healthcare occupations, including nurses, and dentists.

Phlebotomy designs I have for sale at Zazzle.

Click on the image above to visit my Phlebotomy store on Zazzle, or click any of the images below to see these designs on many great products, including clothing items mugs, and mousepads.


Designs for Phlebotomists Who Wish They Were Working for a More Interesting Employer

Galactic Conquest Command, Phlebotomy Division logo.

Galactic Conquest Command, Phlebotomy Division

Want to work for a more interesting employer?

Enslaving all sentient beings in an entire galaxy isn't easy. It's not all about laser crews and shock troops. A lot of bureaucracy is needed to keep the conquest from stalling.

This over-the-top phlebotomy design includes the words "Galactic Conquest Command" and "Phlebotomy Division".

Would your career be more exciting if you worked for another organization? Consider becoming a henchman for the Evil Overlord.

The designs featured on this page are available on several styles of mugs.

Phlebotomy mugs for sale online.
Mars Command, Phlebotomy Division logo.

Mars Command, Phlebotomy Division

Lunar Base 7, phlebotomy division logo.

Lunar Base 7, Phlebotomy Division


Do Some Phlebotomists Need Warning Signs?

Arguing with the Phlebotomist may be Ineffective logo.

Arguing with the Phlebotomist may be Ineffective

Tired of arguing with others? Feel like you're going in circles with some people? This humorous design includes the words "NOTICE. Arguing with the phlebotomist may be ineffective!

Wearing a t-shirt, or using a coffee mug with this design lets everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Dont wake the Phlebotomist logo.

Please, Don't Wake the Phlebotomist

Are interruptions interfering with your nap time? Phlebotomy can be a stressful job. Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions when napping in the office. This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Phlebotomist".

Remember, waking a sleeping phlebotomist can be dangerous for all involved!

Beware of the Phlebotomist logo.

Beware of The Phlebotomist

We've all seen "Beware of the Dog" signs, well here's one for phlebotomists. The domesticated phlebotomist, although appearing tame and friendly, can have a vicious mean streak. Give patients and co-workers fair warning about your disposition.

They can't say they haven't been warned!

Do not feed the Phlebotomist logo.

Please, Do Not Feed The Phlebotomist

An overworked phlebotomist, in captivity, can be just as unpredictable and dangerous as a wild animal. Never try to give them food without first asking their keeper for permission.


Other Phlebotomy Themed Gifts on Zazzle

American Society of Phlebotomists logo.

American Society of Phlebotomists

Be the Needle logo.

Be the Needle!

World Legion of Evil Phlebotomists logo.


Phlebotomist with needle logo.


Phlebotomy, Live the Dream logo.

Phlebotomy, Live the Dream!

Phlebotomy, poke, extract, process logo.

Phlebotomy, Poke - Extract - Process

Phlebotomy, just sit down logo.


Just sit down, shut up, and show me your veins!

Phlebotomy, Epic Vocation logo.

Phlebotomy, Epic Vocation

Renegade Phlebotomist logo.

American Society of Renegade Phlebotomists

Show Me Your Veins logo.

Show Me Your Veins!


Want Customizable phlebotomy Gifts?

Zazzle allows customers to customize their products by adding additional text or graphics to an existing design. A good way to personalize a gift.

Zazzle also offers discounts for bulk purchases. A great benefit if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in the office, or department.

World Legion of Evil phlebotomists mug styles.

On the Zazzle website, you can select any of several mug styles, including two-tone mugs, steins, travel mugs, and a frosted glass mug. Customizable t-shirts and other products are also available.