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Mugs, T-shirts and Gifts for Welders

This page features some of the welding themed mug and t-shirt designs I have created.

Some of my Welder t-shirt designs for sale on Zazzle.

The designs featured on this page are available on a variety of products, including apparel items for men, women and children, and can be found at Zazzle.


Welder "Warning Sign" T-Shirts and Other Gifts

Overworked? Grumpy? Tired of dealing with nonsense in the shop? The following designs will give supervisors, customers, and co-workers fair warning of your disposition. Wear a t-shirt, or use a coffee mug, with these designs and they can't say they haven't been warned!

Ornery welder zone sign design.

Ornery Welder Zone

Are you overworked? Under-appreciated? Feeling grumpy? A mug or t-shirt with this design might be for you.

Designed to look like a road construction sign, this humorous welder gift design includes the following words - Ornery Welder Zone.

Arguing with the Welder may be Ineffective design.

Arguing with the Welder may be Ineffective

Tired of arguing with others? Feel like you're going in circles with some people? This humorous design includes the words "NOTICE. Arguing with the Welder may be ineffective!"

Wearing a t-shirt, or using a coffee mug with this design, lets everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Do not feed the welders t-shirt design.

Do Not Feed The Welders

This humorous design inspired by the "Do Not Feed the Animals" signs sometimes seen in zoos.

Don't Wake the Welder design.

Please, Don't Wake the Welder

Are interruptions interfering with your nap time? Welding can be a stressful job. Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions when napping at your work station.

This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Welder"

Not only is it rude to wake a sleeping welder, but it can be dangerous for all involved!


More Welding Designs

Galactic Conquest Command, Welding Division design.

Galactic Conquest Command, Welding Division

Want to work for a more interesting employer?

Over-the-top design for welders that might be bored with their current employer. Includes the words "Galactic Conquest Command" and "Welding Division".

Would your career be more exciting if you worked for another company? Consider becoming a henchman for the Evil Overlord.

Welding division mugs.
Let there be welders logo design.

How did Welding Begin?

"Let there be welders, to attach metal things to other metal things." - Genesis 1:36

Be the Bead t-shirt design for welders.

Be the Bead!

It's not enough to master the bead, perfection as a welder requires that you become the bead.

Naturally, Earth shattering revelations such as this belong on t-shirts and mugs.

World Legion of Evil Welders gift design.

World Legion of Evil Welders

A shadowy legion of angry welders plotting world domination? It's more likely than we might know.


Welder Mug Designs on Zazzle

The designs are available on a variety of products, including mugs, water bottles, mousepads and a large variety of apparel items. Gifts with attitude that welders can actually use around the shop!

Some of my welder mugs for sale at Zazzle.

Interested in Travel Mugs?

Zazzle also offers my welder designs on stainless steel travel mugs.

Welder travel mugs for sale.

Want Customizable Welding Gifts?

Need Promotional Items for a Welding Business?

Zazzle allows customers to personalize their products by adding additional text or graphics of their choosing. A company logo or marketing message can be printed on the product along with the existing design. Zazzle also offers discounts for bulk purchases. A great benefit if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in the company, or promotional gifts for a large number of customers.

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